All photos shot with film. 

Brandy Eve Allen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

b. 1979

Grew up in NYC/LA, spent 3 years living in Italy and is self-taught.



One of my first photos shot in 1983 when I was 4 years old, portrait of my mom.

...Sometimes I just want to photograph things, see the pictures and burn the negatives.  It's overwhelming at times, all these memories trapped in 36x24mm acetate frames.

..I’m not doing this for myself, I don’t have much say in what’s going on.  When I look back at what’s come through and what’s been made, I don’t know how I did most of it.  It was another person than I am now.  And now I’m making things that one day I’ll look back on and say, I’m another person now, once again. 

…Everyone’s a photographer.  It’s not so precious anymore.  The “print” is lost… on a search to find it.  Old cardboard with moisture stains and a distressed image with a small frame around it, nothing fancy, something cherished.  I’ve got ideas, about to act on them. 

…Fever.  Avoiding suicide. 

...There’s actually a group of aliens making my work, I have no idea how it’s done, they just give it to me and I present it, that’s what you see here. 

…I’m waking up with the sun everyday, I can feel it peering over the horizon like a cat meowing to be fed.  Laying in bed, thinking about who is the real Banksy, some article online got my brain spinning too early, again.  I have a ton of friends who are all half my age, I know there’s something to analyze there.  Watching people my age turn into their parents, they said that would happen.  I feel no sense of beginning, middle and end, I’m living in a timeless existence where one day I will cease to exist, taking that last breath and never saying anything more into this world.  I’m lost there, in that last breath, extending it for as long as I can. 

…Someone asked me this week what are my photos about?  Okay, no one asked me, I was asking myself.  And I stood there, silent.

….These last couple series I’ve been working on, Gestures, Sunken Dream and Earth Water are shot with 35mm film using multiple exposure techniques.  I shot fireworks, underwater sea life at the aquarium, plants and the sea and then reshot the same rolls with a figure posing in my studio.  There’s never any digital modification on my photos.  I could probably create something similar with less orchestration involved but It’s just too easy to use photoshop, I need to be challenged.  I don’t like taking the easy way out, I’ll get burned if necessary.  I like process.  I like figuring it out.  I like going to the museum and looking up real close to the canvas and figuring out how the artist made something, and then I want to know if they were feeling what this piece makes me feel.  I start to wonder about strangers…

… The three stages of Emotional Exile: Shock, Surrender, Catharsis.

… I’m not a fan, I’m an admirer. 

… 4:20

….I used to hate photographs where the feet or hands were cut off, but now it doesn’t bother me. 

…I trust myself more than anyone else, especially when it comes to developing my own film.  My kitchen and dining area are my lab.  I photograph my friends, or will pose myself.  Some of my friends are people I’m really close to, some are people I’m not as close to but I feel a strong connection with.  All these people who are at different places in their lives, figuring it all out. 

…There’s a sense of surrender, but not in a losing sense, one who surrenders to themselves and gives up on apologies.

….When nothing seems like everything and everything seems like nothing.  no-mans-land feels like an invisible trap door.  No one, not a one.  In the ear of the great sea, I call it closer.  Hear the blahs slipping into aahs. Timing is a mother fucker. 

….I’m just really into passion fruit.  I love the contradicting taste, the sweet and the sour, the fact that it’s not easy to eat, that I have to shove my face inside it to lick out all the seeds.

….That moment when I go out on the road with just me, my cameras and a bag of various clothing pieces.  Into the wild, following the weather until it brings me somewhere and then I set up the tripod, figure out what to wear, if anything, and prepare the camera for a shot.  Meter the light, focus, filter.  I have 10 seconds to run into place and then place myself there as if I belonged.  On to the next.  I promise myself that every moment I even think about photographing, I have to stop and capture it.  I’m not taking anything for granted.  

….There are a million ways I could describe myself and today I’m going to put it like this… I’m a contradiction but I mean everything I say.  The noise of the city gets to me and I’m counting the days until I get to where sweaters.  I’m dreaming of traveling to far off places with just me, my camera and a sense of adventure, meeting random amazing souls along the way.