All photos shot with film. 

Brandy Eve Allen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

b. 1979

Grew up in NYC/LA, spent 3 years living in Italy and is self-taught.



Someone asked me this week what are my photos about? The first words that came to mind were nature, wild and badass bitch.  Bitch for all the strong women out there who are labeled by others as vile, if you look up in the dictionary the definition of "baggage", you will find a "worthless or vile woman" as one of the descriptions.  These pieces carry my baggage, but the images redefine this word as fearless, enduring and untamed.

....These last couple series I’ve been working on, Gestures, Sunken Dream and Earth Water are done always using analog methods, in this case 35mm film and multiple exposure techniques.  I shot fireworks, underwater sea life at the aquarium, plants and the sea and then reshot the same rolls with a figure posing in my studio.  There’s never any digital modification on my photos.  I work in traditional photography.  It’s just too easy to use photoshop, I need to be challenged.  I’ve never been one to take the easy way out and with my art, it’s no different.

…All of the photos you see here are shot with film, developed by me in my kitchen.  I usually find someone willing to pose or will pose myself, I’ll style them and we’ll either shoot at my studio, out in the city, the country, my house… It’s always just me and the subject, no one else.  I like to find locations with interesting lighting, I like long exposures, sometimes flash… I rarely have someone smile in my photos.  RIght after I finish photographing, I’ll immediately process the film, scan and eventually print certain images.

…There’s a sense of surrender, but not in a losing sense, one who surrenders to themselves and gives up on apologies.

….I used to hate photographs where the feet or hands were cut off, but now it doesn’t bother me. 

….When nothing seems like everything and everything seems like nothing.  no-mans-land feels like an invisible trap door.  No one, not a one.  In the ear of the great sea, I call it closer.  Hear the blahs slipping into aahs. Timing is a mother fucker. 

….I’m just really into passion fruit.  I love the contradicting taste, the sweet and the sour, the fact that it’s not easy to eat, that I have to shove my face inside it to lick out all the seeds.

….That moment when I go out on the road with just me, my cameras and a bag of various clothing pieces.  Going out into the wild, as I like to call it, following the weather until it brings me somewhere magical where I then set up the tripod, figure out what to wear, if anything, and preparing the camera for the shot.  Meter the light, focus, filter.  I have 10 seconds to run into place and then place myself there as if I belonged.  Then it’s on to the next shot.  I promise myself that every moment I even think about photographing, I have to stop and capture it.  I respect the nature that envelopes me, I thank every animal for participating.  I’m not taking anything for granted.  

….There are a million ways I could describe myself and today I’m going to put it like this… I’m a contradiction but I mean everything I say.  The noise of the city gets to me and I’m counting the days until I get to where sweaters.  I’m dreaming of traveling to far off places with just me, my camera and a sense of adventure, meeting random amazing souls along the way.