Brandy Eve Allen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

b. 1979

Grew up in NYC/LA, spent 3 years living in Italy and is self-taught.



Disclaimer: This is some of my work, a lot of it, but only a small portion of it. I have many projects which are not primary photographic based - I don't know how to properly present them on this platform, so they are with me. You're welcome to request a personal viewing.

Everything on my website is created using traditional photographic techniques, meaning I shoot with film and develop everything myself. I don't use digital post modification or labs, unless it's for a print, which I may create digitally or in the darkroom.  Sometimes I use my kitchen to develop, sometimes I use a hose outside of my neighbors roof where I can expose myself naked on pretreated fabrics for the CYANOTYPES.  GESTURES is a series of multiple exposures, multiple worlds, everything is achieved in-camera.  Émigré is a two-part series where I'm creating ephemeral sculptures from water and then capturing them in permanent form through photographic documentation.  I've always used myself as a subject, turning the camera inwards rather than on the world outside me, maybe because I can't see the world, maybe because I don't feel seen by the world.  The subjects I'm capturing outside of that are my friends, I don't have much family and what I do have, is out of touch.  I guess there's a lot of sexuality in my photos, but they aren't about sex, is that okay?  Nakedness is vulnerability, it's body language.  My intention is to make work where I get to explore in ways the world inhibits me otherwise.  I'm creating space for everything I feel and what comes through me, it's a space where I can be selfish and giving at the same time. 

When you care about people, about living creatures with such a deep feeling, where you are so willing and open to giving; you end up taking in a lot of people, and they take comfort in this.  But not just in your availability, but in your ability to see into them, when people feel seen, they open up in ways that other people cannot touch.  This creates a kind of intimacy... a kind intimacy.