Brandy Eve Allen is based in Los Angeles, CA. 

b. 1979

Grew up in NYC/LA, spent 3 years living in Italy and is self-taught.



Exclusively shot on film.


A series of multiple exposures photographed with 35mm film where sometimes a single image consists of up to seven exposures.  The subject matter sways between Three myths "Catch that divine spark", "Sinking into a dream" and “Nature becomes”.  A meditation, surrendering, an exhaustion, contradicted by the powerful and tireless wearing naked strength, ready for battle.  The explosiveness within life and ourselves met by the quiet deep where nothing can be heard.  There is a search to root oneself when there have been no roots. 

Using materials to create temporary sculptures that last all but seconds whilst capturing them in a state of permanence.  Living in a plastic world, reconciling that which doesn’t belong until it becomes a poetic piece of the environment.  Incorporating movement and the elements, manipulating nature and the artificial, these are portraits of a feeling. 

"Salva Corpus Amanti "save the lover's body" :: To emotionally and viscerally experience what is seen with the eyes as ecstasy, total unity and oneness"

Disclaimer: This is some of my work, a lot of it, but only a small portion of it. I have many projects which are not primary photographic based - I don't know how to properly present them on this platform, so they are with me. You're welcome to request a personal viewing.